Business law, corporate law

– counseling prior to the establishment of a company, evaluation of legal consequences and risks, consultation also with the assistance of an accountant, elaboration of legal opinion about the legal form corresponding best to your ideas,
– establishment of companies,
– assistance in the selection of the executive officers of the company you intend to establish, with the cooperation of the partner head hunter firm to our law firm,
– cooperation in the selection of an auditor,
– management of changes in your company,
– increasing and decreasing equity or share capital,
– preparation and elaboration of share purchase contracts and the provision of legal opinion on this subject,
– issue of shares and other bonds,
– assistance in important and compulsory corporate events such as members’ meetings, shareholders’ meetings, meetings of the board of directors and supervisory board, preparation of minutes and related legal documents,
– acting before the company court and other authorities,
– representation of a given company in litigations,
– legal representation in liquidation, bankruptcy and voluntary winding up procedures

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