Services for Companies

We kindly ask you to contact us if you need legal assistance in Hungary.

Our law firm puts great emphasis on ensuring that our clients are provided with answers to their legal questions as quickly and effectively as possible.

By making use of the possibilities provided by modern technology we can assist you in the following manners not only in Hungarian, but also in English, German and French:

a) we reply to your questions in the heart of downtown Budapest by providing a personal consultation with a cup of coffee,

b) we reply to your questions sent via email as quickly as possible,

c) we provide you with instant replies to your urgent questions by phone or skype regardless of the difficulties caused by the time difference between the continents,

d) in case you and your business partners are in different locations you may ask for our legal assistance both in the framework of phone and / or video conference,

e) we regularly send our clients the free newsletter of our law firm about the significant changes in law,

f) we can hold presentations within the framework of your business conferences.

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